Destination wedding photographer based in France

My passion for photography comes from an unstoppable attraction to aesthetics and elegance, as well as a strong desire to capture pictures in the heat of action. The most beautiful moments are usually the spontaneous ones! Telling a story through photography is my favourite part, and I want to tell your story.

My style

Each wedding photographer has his own sensibility, his own eye, and his own style. After the wedding, I edit every picture in order to adjust the colour balance, the contrast, or the luminosity.

It is imperative for me to improve my skills. In order to do so, I attend many different workshops. The most recent photography workshops were held by: Dylan & Sara, Ed Peers, James Frost, Sean Flanigan, Thierry Joubert, Michael Ferire, Pablo Béglez, Gianluca & Marie Adovasio. These photographers have inspired me and my work.

How I work ?

Before the wedding, I plan to meet the future husband and wife to clarify their expectations and how the day will be organized. It might be physical or video session.

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